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Re: Building a i386 cross compiler on x86_64 with pkgsrc

"Sijmen J. Mulder" <> writes:

> Hi,
> I tried to install emulators/wine but it's i386 only and I have x86_64
> machine. Thought I'd bootstrap a 32 bit ABI in another prefix but then
> I need a GCC that targets i386.

Ideally if you can bootstrap --abi 32, then the right flags will be
passed to the compiler to generate i386 binaries.  My very dim
impression is that gcc built for x86_64 can do this, and if that's
wrong, then I don't understand how/whether abi 32 makes any sense on an
x86_64 system.

> Can pkgsrc be used to build a i386-*-gcc and binutils?

Probably, but the easy way (if NetBSD) is to build the same version
NetBSD for i386 and use the tools directory, if that's necessary.

There is also some support for cross builds in pkgsrc, but it was never
100% complete and many upstream packages aren't cross buildable.

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