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Re: Is it possible to blacklist a package and its reverse dependencies?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

> I put this in my mk.conf:
> but pkgsrc will still build and install dbus if it's listed as dependency.

That adds the '-dbus' option to the default set, so if a package has a
dbus option it will be disabled.

> I'd like to understand the logic behind this pkgsrc behaviour.

It does what's intended, which isn't what you want :-(

abs@ pointed out how to mark packages broken.  We could add a variable
like that, but requests like yours are very infrequent.

The other thing is that there are packages that use dbus that don't have
it as an option now but perhaps could, if it is sensible to build them
without dbus.  Deepending on the level of dislike for a package, the
process of finding all such cases and adding options is in varying

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