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Re: How can I delete obsolete distfiles and local binary packages recursively?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

>> For DISTDIR, what I think you really want is a separate dir, with a
>> pre-fetch hook to link instead of fetch again.   But that's a bunch of
>> code ot write probably.
> How would I do that? Is there a script around that I can use?
> Incidentally, I've found this in defaults/mk.conf:
> #DIST_PATH= /cdrom/0/distfiles:${HOME}/distfiles
> # Colon-delimited list of directories in which to search for
> # ${DISTFILES} and ${PATCHFILES}.  If the requested file is not in any
> # of the directories in ${DIST_PATH}, it will be downloaded into
> # ${DISTDIR}.  If the requested file is in one of the directories in
> # ${DIST_PATH}, a symbolic link will be made to it from ${DISTDIR}.
> # ${DIST_PATH} directories will will be searched before ${DISTDIR},
> # letting a CD hold the main distfiles archive, and local ${DISTDIR}
> # hold any updated distfiles, for example.
> # Possible:  any directories
> # Default: none
> Would this variable help?

It might.   I meant that something like the concept I expressed might be
useful, and that I didn't know the state of the code, and that trying to
make it do what you want is likely to involve writing and debugging

But it looks like this variable indeed solves the issue, almost.
Almost in that if you fetch something in head and then in stable, stable
will link to head, and then when head deletes it stable will have to
fetch again.  Tha's assuming each branch has a separate DISTDIR and uses
DISTPATH to point to the other.

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