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Re: How can I delete obsolete distfiles and local binary packages recursively?

> Hi list,
> I have this in my mk.conf:
> DISTDIR?= /home/oc/pkgsrc/distfiles
> PACKAGES?= /home/oc/pkgsrc/packages
> (NB: ~/pkgsrc is the parent directory to the two local clones
> pkgsrc-current  and pkgsrc-stable:
> $ ls pkgsrc/
> distfiles  packages  pkgsrc-current  pkgsrc-stable  work)
> These two directories ($DISTDIR, $PACKAGES) are consequently growing
> in size. Old distfiles and binary packages exist there, that I will
> most likely never use in the future.
> Is there a way to delete both distfiles and binary packages that are
> not relevant to my current setup? I've checked in the guide and the
> wiki, but haven't found an answer.
> I guess I could start pruning these files in order of creation, or
> maybe any time a new stable release comes out, but I wonder if doing
> so could possibly break things later on.
> Thanks and have a good day.

You can use pkgtools/lintpkgsrc.

For example, to remove all distfiles, run:

lintpkgsrc -or

Kind regards,

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