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Re: Can't build LibreOffice


Marc Baudoin <> writes:

> Hi,
> On NetBSD/amd64 8.1, with up-to-date pkgsrc tree and packages, I
> can't build LibreOffice:
> checking whether system Harfbuzz is built with Graphite support... checking for hb_graphite2_face_get_gr_face... no
> configure: error: Harfbuzz needs to be built with Graphite support.

Could you confirm your pkgsrc/fonts/harfbuzz has the following revisions?

Makefile,v 1.113 2019/06/03 12:27:48 ryoon,v 1.10 2019/06/03 12:27:48 ryoon

These revisions fixes my mistakes.

PGP fingerprint = 82A2 DC91 76E0 A10A 8ABB  FD1B F404 27FA C7D1 15F3

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