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Re: rust compiler now a runtime dependency.

On 04/06/2019 20:27, Mike Pumford wrote:
Just done a pkgin upgrade and I'm being asked to install rust as a runtime dependency which seems wrong.

According to pkgin:
pkgin show-deps librsvg
direct dependencies for librsvg-2.44.14
[other deps snipped]

No other rust compiled tools need this. Is there a reason why librsvg does? Its a big runtime dependency for a library.

No obvious reason why this is happening. The only makefile fragments that are rust related mark it as a build dependency.

The only other rust package that I know of that uses cargo is cbindgen which is used by firefox. That too has a runtime dependency on rust but firefox gets away with this as cbindgen is only a build time dependency.

I'm not well versed enough in pkgsrc makefiles to be able to work this one out. :(


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