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Re: py-cElementTree ?

On Tue, Jun 04, 2019 at 10:55:32AM +0200, Adam wrote:
> >>> I am puzzled as gobject-introspection imports xml.etree.cElementTree.
> >>> The only reference I can find to ElementTree is in its tests. Nowhere
> >>> do I see a reference to expat.
> >> 
> >> The XML parser is often set as via options, not directly.
> > 
> > Thanks and I just found this:
> > 
> > $ cat /usr/pkg/lib/python3.7/xml/etree/ 
> > # Deprecated alias for xml.etree.ElementTree
> > 
> > from xml.etree.ElementTree import *
> But we are not building the C-version in lang/pythonNN, so without textproc/py-cElementTree the user ends up with the slower implementation.

I see I should revert the comment I just added to py-cElementTree/DESCR.

Indeed, this is getting entertaining:
- as cElementTree is deprecated, gobject-introspection should be calling
- gobject-instrospection still needs to depend cElementTree so that the
  faster implementation is found
- The default parser for ElementTree is XMLParser which depends on the
  pyexpat module via xml.parsers.expat. Debatable where that dependency
  should go - cElementTree? Just going for gobject-introspection for now...




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