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Re: Problem building finance/gnucash

Marc Baudoin <> writes:

> For several weeks now, I've been unable to build finance/gnucash
> on NetBSD/amd64 8.0 with an updated pkgsrc tree:
> [ 87%] Linking CXX shared library ../../lib/
> /usr/pkg/guile/2.2/lib/ warning: warning: tmpnam() possibly used unsafely, use mkstemp() or mkdtemp()
> ../../lib/ warning: warning: mktemp() possibly used unsafely, use mkstemp() or mkdtemp()

(above warnings are not your problem and should be fixed upstream)

> /usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/pkgsrc/finance/gnucash/work/.buildlink/lib/, may conflict with
> [ 87%] Built target gnc-gnome
> gmake: *** [Makefile:163: all] Error 2

You have built programs with different compilers.

> Any idea on how to fix this?

Figure out which libstdc++ libraries you have, and why, and which
libraries link against them.

On a netbsd-8 evbarm box, I see

So I suspect you have upgraded from 7, and have libraries built under 7
that have not been rebuilt.

If you have not rebuilt all packages since upgrading from netbsd-7 to
netbsd-8, do so.  "pkg_admin set rebuild=yes \*" and then
pkg_rolling-replace. is one option.

To figure out what's, wrong, use ldd on libraries in /usr/pkg/lib and
find ones that use
$ ldd /usr/pkg/lib/*.so > LDD.txt
look for .so.7 in LDD.txt

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