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Re: wip/autossh and alternatives

Note that there is a newer version than the one we have that has

Update: Version 1.4f incorporates a number of changes and fixes to
signal handling and exit conditions. The most notable changes are that
it will exit properly when killed while waiting between ssh restarts,
and it will now restart rather than exiting when the child ssh process
is killed.

This sounds relevant to you issues. I'll try to update the package.
On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 11:25 AM Mayuresh <> wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 11:07:41AM +0100, Benny Siegert wrote:
> > The TODO ("How to support pkgsrc/security/openssh, ssh2") sounds like
> > it might not even work. Nonetheless, you could install the package
> > from pkgsrc-wip and report back :)
> On other platforms I tried autossh and I find that it exits in some
> (unknown) scenarios without trying to reconnect. I am trying to debug, but
> it hasn't gone anywhere till now. This is one more reason I was looking
> for alternatives.
> Mayuresh


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