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Re: pkgin repositories

On 11/1/18 5:44 PM, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2018-11-01 at 22:32 GMT, Jason Bacon wrote:

My current etc/pkgin/repositories.conf is as follows:

I've noticed a few times that if either server is down, pkgin operations
like update or install will fail.

I would have thought that if one server is down, it would fail over to the
next one, but it appears
they all have to be available.

Is this by design, and if so, for what reason?
Yes, this is the current design.  This is the first I've heard of
someone trying to use it for round-robin or failover type access.  It
was introduced in order to support additional repositories that
contain extra packages (usually locally-built) not available from the

The multiple repository code already has some rough edges with unclear
semantics on exactly how packages are chosen when available from
multiple repositories, and I wouldn't want to commit even further to
trying to support that.

Thanks - this is not terribly important.  Given the limited documentation on repositories.conf, I just guessed that the multiple lines represented redundant mirrors of the same package repo.

While we're on the subject, though, perhaps we could support this sort of redundancy with a separate syntax, such as multiple comma-separated URLs on the same line.  I think it would be a nice feature to have if it's not too much trouble.

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