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Daily pkgsrc trunk packages for illumos now available

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce that, with pkgsrc on illumos recently bursting
through the 20,000 packages barrier:

we are now offering our binary package sets for illumos in a rolling
trunk release model.  These packages will be built from the latest
pkgsrc every night and available for update through pkgin.

We will continue to produce quarterly release sets for SmartOS images,
but all other users are encouraged to switch to the trunk release.

As well as offering new and updated packages daily, this will avoid
users having to perform cross-branch upgrades every quarter.  Another
benefit will be for users who are helping the pkgsrc community provide
patches and updates, as they will be able to provision a trunk
pkgbuild image and develop their changes easily against pkgsrc trunk.

As always you can install pkgsrc on any illumos distribution or
upgrade from an older release using the instructions here:

Note that we are dropping the availability of the 32-bit and multiarch
sets.  With more and more software becoming 64-bit only, these sets
have become obsolete, and the build load is not worth the cost.  For
now we will continue to provide them for our quarterly releases, but
they will not be available for the trunk release.

As added incentive, here are some of the packages introduced and
updated in pkgsrc trunk since our 2018Q3 release only last month:

 * bind 9.11.5 / 9.12.3
 * curl 7.62.0
 * dnsmasq 2.80
 * dovecot 2.3.3
 * Go 1.11.1
 * IceWM 1.4.2
 * MesaLib 18.2.0
 * mkvtoolnix 28.2.0
 * More libretro packages.
 * PostgreSQL 11.0
 * Rust 1.30.0
 * SQLite 3.25.2
 * tmux 2.8
 * WebKit 2.22.3
 * Xorg 1.20.3
 * ..and many more!

SmartOS users can use the trunk 20181018 images available from:


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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