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New -current binary bootstrap kit for RHEL/CentOS 7

For anyone interested:

I'm now building -current, prefix=/usr/pkg, on CentOS 7 with gcc6 as the minimum compiler (except for gcc itself and dependencies, of course).

Using gcc6 results in far more successful builds than the stock GCC 4.8 compiler on CentOS 7.

A binary bootstrap kit is available here, alongside my quarterly snapshot builds:

Download, verify the sha512, and unpack with

    tar -C / -zxvf pkgsrc-RHEL7-gcc-6.0-usr-pkg.tgz

The kit includes /usr/pkg and /usr/pkgsrc.

The source tree is a git repository containing a snapshot of -current.

The reason for this is to ensure that the source tree is in sync with the binary packages at all times.  I update and rerun pbulk frequently, but irregularly, and have run into issues with dependency versions when mixing binary packages and
source builds.

With this simple system, I update the public git repo to exactly match the source tree used by pbulk at the same time I publish a new set of packages.

To upgrade and keep everything in sync, just do the following:

pkgin upgrade
cd /usr/pkgsrc
git pull

This is a call for testing and feedback on the -current packages. Eventually the system will be documented here along with the quarterly packages:

Feel free to post feedback here or contact me privately.

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