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VLC not building with pkgsrc 2018Q3

a few days ago pulled the latest stable pkgsrc 2018Q3 down and started 
building a few packages on NetBSD 8.0_STABLE/amd64. The vlc build fails 
as described in PR 54230.

I note that there is a compiled vlc binary for 2.2.6 in the 2018Q2 
binary packages, but so far there doesn't appear to be any binary 
packages for the 2018Q3 release. If vlc won't build from Q3 pkgsrc then 
this seems a reversion compared to Q2.

I did try building vlc 3.0.2 from pkgwip, but the compile croaks with a 
type error for QButtonGroup. vlc 3.0.4 seems to be the current stable 
release so I may have a punt at trying to compile that.

Any other suggestions?


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