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Any netbsd + libcdio people out there?

Edd Barrett has been doing great work to get libcdio working on OpenBSD.

He came across the following problem which he has fixed in OpenBSD. Is this also relevant to NetBSD?

From Edd:
I took my branch [] and built audacious and mpv -- two music players with
libcdio support -- and tried playing CDs. They behaved really oddly.
The CDs that did play didn't start at the beginning, and many didn't
work at all.

 and then later:

Just to follow up, after some hours of debugging, I've found the

diff --git a/lib/driver/netbsd.c b/lib/driver/netbsd.c
index ed3f00a9..7c6fe636 100644
--- a/lib/driver/netbsd.c
+++ b/lib/driver/netbsd.c
@@ -331,7 +331,8 @@ _cdio_read_toc(_img_private_t *_obj)
                 return false;

-        req.address_format = CD_MSF_FORMAT;
+        //req.address_format = CD_MSF_FORMAT;
+        req.address_format = CD_LBA_FORMAT;
         req.starting_track = FIRST_TRACK_NUM;
         req.data_len = (TOTAL_TRACKS + 1) /* leadout! */
                 * sizeof(struct cd_toc_entry);

I've just managed to rip a whole CD using cd-paranoia with that change.

I wonder if it is incorrect for NetBSD too?

I'll guard it with an `#if defined(__OpenBSD__)` for now:

Any thoughts from the NetBSD users/community ?

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