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Re: How to change the dependencies a particular package has?

	hello Jonathan.  I saw the tools/ file.  I've now tried
changing the minimum version listed there from 2.5.4, which is what is
installed, to 2.5.0, just to see what would happen.  No change.  The system
still wants to fetch and build 2.5.4a.  So it must be picking up  this
requirement from somewhere else in the tree, but I can't figure out where.


On Jul 25, 10:59pm, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
} Subject: Re: How to change the dependencies a particular package has?
} * On 2018-07-25 at 22:52 BST, Brian Buhrow wrote:
} > 	Hello.  For reasons beyond the scope of this message, I'm building
} > pkgsrc packages on an old FreeBSD-2.2.7 system.  I've run into a circular
} > dependency between flex and bison.  The native system has a sufficiently
} > current version of flex, so I'd like to remove the flex dependency from the
} > bison build process.    What I can't figure out is where that dependency is
} > referenced.
} The flex requirement comes from mk/tools/, which states that at
} least version 2.5.4 is required - are you sure your native version is
} at least that, reported via --version?
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