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Re: web2c setstdinenc

Hello coypu, writes:
> What's the magic to building web2c? it doesn't seem to fail in bulk
> builds.
> euptex-euptex0.o: In function `eptexsetinputencoding':
> euptex0.c:(.text+0x2a871): undefined reference to `setstdinenc'
> Makefile:5441: recipe for target 'euptex' failed
> gmake[2]: *** [euptex] Error 1

Unfortunately I could not reproduce it (i.e. web2c builds fine on
at least NetBSD/amd64 (not-so)-current) but, wild guess...

Can you please try to `make replace' print/ptexenc and then retry
building web2c? (if I am not missing something setstdinenc() is
actually defined and implemented in ptexenc and hopefully
rebuilding it will do the trick!)

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