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Re: zoneminder?

BERTRAND Joël <> writes:

> Greg Troxel a écrit :
>> Is anyone successfully running zoneminder under NetBSD?
>> On a RPI3 (e.g. netbsd-8)?  On x86?
> 	I have. Not on a RPI3, but on a RPI2 (with only one camera FullHD).
> RPI1 is not enough powerfull to run zoneminder without trouble.
> I have reinstalled this system with a Raspbian as I have replaced my
> camera by another one that only run with a patched version of
> coriander and v4l2. I don't remember if this RPI2 ran NetBSD-7.x or
> NetBSD-8.

Thanks.  I have figured out the problem.

zoneminder runs "zmc" to read from the camera, and that creates shared
memory (with shmget).   It does it twice, apparently once for "linked"
mode with a small size (to get just the metadata structs), and once with
a larger size (metadata, plus video buffer).  Apparently the small one
is created first, and then the large one with the same key and larger
size fails with EINVAL, as posix says it must.

As a workaround I wrote  a program to create the shm segments with a big
enough size before starting.  I have not figured out the actual
underlying bug.   So things are not 100% ok, but starting to be functional.

I wonder if this bug is new to pkgsrc's version since you ran it.

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