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Re: FYI, installing cups renders firefox unable to print

I first ran into that a couple of years ago.

There's a control you can add to firefox:

    Name: print.postscript.cups.enabled
  Status: user set
    Type: boolean
   Value: false

so firefox won't try to use cups even if it is installed but not active.
Last I heard, ryoon@ was going to add that as a default to future firefox
packages, but I guess it didn't happen.

Of course, as you found, simply removing cups works as well.

I disable cups globally with in PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+=-cups, but openjdk8
claims it as a build dependency, so if you built/updated openjdk8 on
the same system on which you now run firefox, you will have cups (cups-base
these days, actually) installed anyway.

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