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Re: multimedia/ffmpeg010 breakage

Em Qua, 2018-03-28 às 13:14 +0200, Thomas Klausner escreveu:
On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 06:12:34AM -0500, D'Arcy Cain wrote:
PKG_OPTIONS.ffmpeg = ass lame libvpx theora vaapi vdpau vorbis xvid
The variable name is wrong if you're looking at ffmpeg010. Also, x264 is in the default options, so you need to tell pkgsrc to actively disable it: PKG_OPTIONS.ffmpeg010=-x264 Thomas
in my system, NetBSD HEAD i386, it works

Working revision: 1.27
   Repository revision: 1.28 /cvsroot/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/Makefile,v
   Commit Identifier: kxIs4If51EKcqlsA
   Sticky Tag: (none)
   Sticky Date: (none)
   Sticky Options: (none)
[root@i386clang /usr/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010]# make show-options
Any of the following general options may be selected:
faac  Enable AAC decoding support using faac.
lame  Use the lame encoder to create MP3 files.
libvpx  Enable libvpx support.
opencore-amr  Enable OpenCORE Adaptive Multi-Rate speech codecs.
theora  Use the theora codecs.
vaapi  Enable support for VAAPI.
vdpau  Enable support for VDPAU.
vorbis  Enable Ogg Vorbis support.
x264  Enable x264 support.
xvid  Enable usage of XVid codecs.

These options are enabled by default:
lame libvpx theora vaapi vdpau vorbis x264

These options are currently enabled:
lame theora vaapi vdpau vorbis x264 xvid

You can select which build options to use by setting PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
or PKG_OPTIONS.ffmpeg010.

multimedia/x264-devel   Working revision: 1.64
   Repository revision: 1.65 /cvsroot/pkgsrc/multimedia/x264-devel/Makefile,v
   Commit Identifier: 2ps9r5ScYtNmYhsA
   Sticky Tag: (none)
   Sticky Date: (none)
   Sticky Options: (none)

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