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Re: packages for NetBSD 8.0 on mipsel hardware

On 19/03/2018 23:33, Sevan Janiyan wrote:
> Hello,
> There's a tiny set of packages for NetBSD/mipsel 8.0, built on a Cobalt
> Qube2. At present there are things such as some doom, shells, perl, vim,
> mutt, gpg2, lynx. I've restarted the bulkbuild and the cube is currently
> attempting python 2.7, I'm hoping it'll make further progress into
> meta-pkgs/bulk-small.
> Point pkg_add to
> Hopefully this'll make your hpcmips device happy :)

I restarted the bulkbuild and generated some more packages which are now
available at the URL above.


If I can get the MesaLib issue resolved, we can hopefully have a basic


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