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Re: xorgproto fallout NetBSD 7.1-STABLE in pkgcomp chroot

On 14/03/2018 16:33, Marco Beishuizen wrote:
On Tue, 13 Mar 2018, the wise Mike Pumford wrote:

I did try and puzzle my way through but I couldn't figure out where it was picking up the version numver to use on the left hand side of the sed substitution. Happy to dig further is someone can give me a few clues as to how I can trace or debug what is going on a bit further.

Xproto has been deleted from pkgsrc on 8-3-2018. So perhaps the installed pkgs that depend on xproto simply can't find it anymore.
With the latest round of x11-links changes (1.09) and my one tweak to the xorgproto pkg so that it maps version 7.0.26 to 2018.1 I've actually done a succsful pkgcomp run of my packages with no modular xorg things creeping in. This includes rrdtool and emacs (which were getting blown up before by the issues).

I'll be doing some 8.0 builds in the next day or so so I should be able to confirm the fix there. I'll also try a build without my change to the xorgproto pkg to see if its actually needed.

Thanks to those who have worked on making this work again.


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