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Re: Failure to build lang/rust

On Sun, 8 Oct 2017 06:28:57 +0000 wrote:

> rust on netbsd heavily relies on procfs, hopefully we can clear that out
> in 1-2 versions. We also can't patch the binary used for bootstrap.

Do we have an upstream contact who can review, merge patches and assist
with NetBSD issues? I have some unrelated patches for head-llvm support
that I'd like to upstream. (I might just send a github pull request for
this and see how it goes.)

Also our cargo packaging seems to have a problem finding system libs
in /usr/pkg. For example this does not work:
$ git clone
$ cd cargo-vendor && cargo build
error: Shared object "" not found

The error is that -L/usr/pkg/lib is not passed to ld(1), but I'm
not sure exactly where we need to add this. Suggestions welcome.

Kind regards,

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