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It's a sad day, but apparently I now must admit that my computer is no longer powerful enough to build the latest Firefox.

I'm running a computer with an Intel Core 2 P8600, with 2G of physical memory, and plenty of disk space.  The system is NetBSD 8.99.3, (Current), and I'm using GCC 5.4 as the compiler.

When compiling Firefox, the system chugs away until it start to compile components.  It gets to the "servo/components/style" part, and that's when things get ugly.  As it starts crunching, the memory allocation moves up to about 80%.  Then the swap file starts growing.  The swap partition is about 2.2G in size.  Slowly, but surely, this starts growing until it gets to 100%, and then I get a resource error #32.  Wow!

I guess I'll switch over to Seamonkey, and see it that works.

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