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RTcmix package


For those who don't know it, let say that is like csound but compiling instruments as libs, and without a myriad of features (dependencies...).

I've been making a package while trying to compile it, to learn about pkgsrc. The principal problems in the source (as I see it) are:

- Unusual use of configure variables like DESTDIR, etc.

- Linux centered, with FreeBSD as some Linux with peculiarities.

- Test for 32 or 64 bits only compatible with x86 architecture.

The package is almost finished, I think. It compiles in armv7 without problems and apart from midi support, it is working pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

The question is that I'm not going to use it for a very long time. I'm only interested in learn from the approach of the MUSIC family of programs. I don't have the knowledge of pkgsrc to maintain this kind of port and I have an allergy to the configure, autoconf, automake and autowhatever. So a person who actually use those tools would be better suited to discuss with the developers a better way to make their code more portable, and to respond to problems of users.

So in case that person is reading this, let me know and I'll sent you a mail with the port (652 K).


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