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Re: Failure to build lang/rust

I just finished a full rust-1.20 build with no problems and am about to carry on with the firefox-56 build. 

This is on amd64 -current from 10 hours ago.

Chavdar Ivanov

On Wed, 4 Oct 2017 at 00:14 Paul Goyette <> wrote:
On Wed, 4 Oct 2017, Paul Goyette wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Oct 2017, wrote:
>> I saw the similar a few times, started it over and it kept on going.
> I've gotten this three times in a row...

With suggestions received on IRC:

1. I tried to force this to build with python-2.7 (as opposed to my
    default 3.6).

    Still fails, in the same manner

2. I ran it with MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no

    Still fails, in the same manner

3. I mounted /proc within my build environment (a chroot sandbox created
    by pkgsrc's pkgtools/mksandbox).

    Still fails, but it gets somewhat further.

The current failure log can be found at

Until I get this fixed, I cannot upgrade my www/firefox package!

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