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Re: Bootstrapping pkgsrc 2017Q3 on HP-UX 11i

On 30 September 2017 at 15:12, Georg Bege <> wrote:
> Ok I got a little bit further now...
> I was investigating bmake's source a bit, especially var.c where this
> error is coming from.
> It seems that an state-machine is feeding regex stuff to the libc's
> regex functions.
> If something cannot be resolved then the function regexec returns > 0 -
> so this is where the error is "Unexpected regex error" is printed then.
> So this means that newer pkgsrc uses RegEx which is incompatible with
> HP-UX libc's version, hence newer pkgsrc doesn't support HP-UX 11i anymore.
> So the information on any site related to pkgsrc/netbsd should be upgraded.
> I guess the only way to fix this is trying to compile glibc... or simply
> dont use HP-UX 11i anymore.

It should be relatively easy to link bmake against a standalone regex
providing library - in fact pkgtools/libnbcompat already provides one

As a quick test could you try adding _OPSYS_MISSING_FEATURES=regcomp
to pkgsrc/mk/platform/ ? (and bootstrap from scratch)

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