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Re: apache22 EOL'd

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> Hi!
> apache-2.2.x has reached its EOL.
> From
> "The Apache HTTP Server Project announces the release of version
> 2.2.34, the final release of the Apache httpd 2.2 series. This version
> will be the last release of the 2.2 legacy branch. (Version number
> 2.2.33 was not released.)
> The Apache HTTP Server Project has long committed to providing
> maintenance releases of the 2.2.x flavor through June of 2017, and may
> continue to publish some security source code patches beyond this date
> through December of 2017. No further maintenance patches nor releases
> of 2.2.x are anticipated. Any final security patches will be published
> to"
> I suggest removing it from pkgsrc before the next branch.

I think that's a bit too aggressive.  We have a lot of software which is
a bit beyond maintenance, and people run it sometimes.  While everybody
should upgrade, deleting the package immediately isn't really helpful to
users.   But, I see your point.  So perhaps just after Q4 is cut, and we
can warn about removal in the Q3 announcement?

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