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Re: code::blocks hangs while starting

2017-06-15 15:10 időpontban Fekete Zoltán ezt írta:
Hi There,

I've compiled Code::Blocks 16.01-nb1 from pkgsrc on NetBSD 7.1-amd64. 

All the sets and the kernel is "vanilla". GCC is the default system gcc.

When starting the program, initialization hangs at compiler plugin
load phase. This is the last line in the console:

Added compiler "GNU GCC Compiler".

Then the splash screen remains displayed, and loading hangs.

If I start with --safe-mode option, then it starts well, but all
plugins are disabled, so the IDE is almost unusable.

I tried these:

- compiled from source, downloaded from Code::Blocks site;
- compiled from pkgsrc on NetBSD 8.0-BETA
- installed with pkgin

All the trials ended with the same hang.

Do you have any suggestions?




I have started Code::Blocks successfully today.

The program hangs at startup because wxExecute() call is buggy in wxGTK-3.0.2. This is the version the C::B is build by default. wxExecute() waits forever the child process to return.


Build Code::Blocks in pkgsrc linked to wxGTK-2.8 (aka. change package Makefile appropriately)
Then, you will get a fully functional IDE.



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