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Re: Can't bootstrap pkgsrc on Solaris 10

* On 2017-09-11 at 06:50 BST, Julien Savard wrote:

> It seems to be related to an unsupported option ( -fstack-protector ).
> gcc version i'm using is 3.4.3.
> Questions are :
>    1. Is this version of gcc (3.4.3) below minimum supported version ?

In general we don't have a minimum supported version, but in reality
that compiler is so old that you are going to run into issues
compiling packages, and there's no chance of building any packages
which require newer C++ standards.

>    2. If not below minimum, how can I make sure "-fstack-protector" not
>    used ?

It's being set by the

line in mk/platform/ - if you comment that out it should work.
What I'll do is add a compiler version check in that file so that SSP
isn't enabled if you are using such an old compiler, so at least you
should be able to bootstrap out of the box.

>    3. If below, which gcc version should I use ?

I'd suggest grabbing the GCC 4.9.2 package from and using
that to bootstrap, it'll be able to build pretty much every package


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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