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Re: net/megatools doesn't build with PREFER_PKGSRC=yes

Hello Aleksej!

Aleksej Lebedev writes:
> [...]
> While playing with the PREFER_PKGSRC option I noticed that
> net/megatools doesn't build. Adding the build dependency on
> devel/libgetopt fixes the problem.
> I am the maintainer of net/megatools, but I am not a commiter.
> (The package was imported from wip some time ago.)
> Could someone add the line to net/megatools/Makefile, please?
> [...]


However, how does it fails? (I'm just curious but I couldn't find any
reference to getopt*(3))

(about PKGREVISION bump this isn't needed because it will fix build on
platforms where it previosly didn't built)

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