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Potential problem with security/pinepgp

I recently updated all of my packages, and I've started seeing the
following error messages whenever mail/pine uses pinepgp to verify a
signed message or to decrypt an encrypted message.

	mktemp: mkstemp failed on /pinegpg.HM3hbB: Permission denied
	/usr/pkg/bin/gpg-check: cannot create : directory nonexistent

In both cases, the gpg operation fails to complete, and in the case
of the encrypted message, only the cyphertext is displayed (no clear

My ~/,pinerc contains

display-filters="_LEADING(-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----)_" /usr/pkg/bin/gpg-check,
        "_LEADING(-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----)_" /usr/pkg/bin/gpg-check,
        _BEGINNING("-----BEGIN PGP")_ /usr/local/bin/pgp4pine -d -i _TMPFILE_

Based on the error messages, it would seem that something has recently
changed WRT the _TMPFILE_

Does anyone else use security/pinepgp?  Seeing similar issues?

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