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Squid build failure on FreeBSD

Hey everyone,

I've been trying to install www/squid3 on FreeBSD from current branch of packages without success.

> configure: error: unable to make IPFilter work with netinet/ headers

Some output from config.log:

> configure:32166: FreeBSD IPFW-based transparent proxying enabled: no
> configure:32183: IPF-based transparent proxying requested: yes
> configure:32198: PF-based transparent proxying requested: no
> configure:32214: NAT lookups via /dev/pf: no
> configure:32229: Linux Netfilter support requested: no
> configure:32255: Linux Netfilter Conntrack support requested: auto

> configure:35480: checking for netinet/in.h
> configure:35480: result: yes

Anyone has faced this issue on this platform?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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