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VNC versions

I run a number of local and remote machines from a single
screen/keyboard/mouse, now mostly x86_64 running NetBSD 7.0, using
RealVNCviewer on a Window 10 desktop.   But using net/vncserver or
net/tightvncserver means I am denied the use of programs such as gimp
or firefox, which exit immediately complaining about the RANDR
extension being missing and an undefined PLT symbol
"_XGetRequest" being referred to in /usr/X11R7/lib/

Today I have seen for the first time that tigervnc is available in the
pkgsrc source distribution, but is reported as breaking.

Is anyone taking an active, positive interest in getting this fixed?
Since it is more recent than tightvnc, will it solve the issue I face?

I'm having to keep an old (very old) 4.0.1 box on life support till I
get this sorted out.

Steve Blinkhorn <>

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