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Re: pbulk: A different version of cwrappers-20170611 is already installed

On 06/28, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> * On 2017-06-28 at 04:11 BST, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
> > In other words, is it the case that whatever packages are provided
> > in the bootstrap must be of a version that is the same as, or newer
> > than, the version of the corresponding packages being built so that
> > pkgsrc does not think it needs to install an updated version of a
> > package provided in the bootstrap?  So in my case, the bootstrap
> > would need to provide the cwrappers-20170611 package, not the older
> > cwrappers-20170112?  If yes, then I just need to build a new bootstrap,
> > and the problem should go away, right?
> Correct.  For my daily bulk builds I just perform a new bootstrap each
> time.

Hi, Jonathan!

OK, thanks!  I just blew away the bootstraps (i.e., the pkgsrc and the
pbulk bootstraps):

# rm -rf /var/pkg_comp/{packages,pbulk-packages}

and the problem went away!  (pkg_comp creates them if they don't exist.)

(I suppose deleting just the pkgsrc bootstrap would have been sufficient
in this case, but I didn't try that.)



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