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Re: fuse-encfs compilation error in pkgsrc-stable

Mayuresh <> writes:

> On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 06:43:17PM +0000, wrote:
>> I worked around it and committed the update to pkgsrc.
>> It works on my usage tests now

Thanks for updating this!  I have long been wanting to try it.

> For non root I get the following error:
>     encfs: puffs_daemon: Operation not permitted
> [I have set the permissions on /dev/putter. Before that I was getting
> "permission denied" error.]

Maybe you all know this, but NetBSD does not have the FUSE code from
Linux.  Instead, it has puffs, which is similar conceptually and a
library librefuse (see refuse(3)).

So, one can expect some differences, and I've run into them in the past.
The problem you report about is almost certainly not in packaging, and
odds are good once found it will be non-obvious if it's in encfs or

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