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Re: fuse-encfs compilation error in pkgsrc-stable

Mayuresh <> writes:

> On Sat, Jun 10, 2017 at 05:55:03PM +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
>> Trying to build filesystems/fuse-encfs on NetBSD 8.0 BETA i386 pkgsrc-2017Q1.
>> Get the following errors:
> Looks like the pkgsrc version 1.2 is quite old against current 1.9.1.

Long ago I tried to update it and found that I needed a lot of patches,
and didn't get it working enough to commit.

> May be it's not used so much in NetBSD world. Are there alternatives
> providing some of the benefits of encfs such as - can confine encryption
> to directory level, no dedicated device needed?

I am not aware of any, really.  There is cfs, but it's beyond ancient.

> If not, I'd like to try building 1.9.1 and submit patches, with some help
> from the list.

That would be great.  I'd recommend putting it in wip, because then
others can make improvements and it's genereally easier.  (Send your ssh
pubkey to if you don't have access already.)

> 1. The package is shifted from sourceforge to git. How to adopt that
> in pkgsrc.

Lots of packages do that.  Go into e.g. devel and "egrep github
*/Makefile" and start reading to find an example that matches the

Of course, it's a bug if the upstream package doesn't have a release
tarball that can be downloaded by URL without you having to do special
things for github, but that's fairly common these days (with github).

> 2. The package does not have a configure script. The INSTALL file has
> following instructions. How to adopt them in pkgsrc:
>     mkdir build
>     cd build
>     cmake ..
>     make

There are a lot packages that use cmake.  It may be as simple as
USE_TOOLS+=	cmake

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