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removing entries in pkgdb


After a "cvs update -dP" I always do a "pkg_chk -u -s" or a "lintpkgsrc -i" to see what needs to be updated, and after that a "pkg_chk -u -s".

Some packages claim to be installed, although they are not:

www/firefox - firefox-53.0.3 missing
www/midori - midori-0.5.11nb14 missing
Installed: firefox-53.0.3 midori-0.5.11nb14

In reality firefox52 is installed and both firefox53 and midori are not.

If I do a "pkg_chk -u -s" it always tries to upgrade firefox53, although it's not installed. But this fails every time because firefox53 depends on gtk3 now.

How can I get rid of firefox53 and midori completely?

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and even prove, that following that method we shall attain our aim.
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