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Re: Perl update to 5.26 breaks gitolite in pkgsrc current

On 06/11/17 18:38, Harry Waddell wrote:
Just a heads up to anyone using pkgsrc current and gitolite.
The current version of gitolite in pkgsrc, 3.6.5, will not
work if you update now.
There's another issue with this upgrade. Perl was upgraded to 5.26 on Jun 5 but the buildlink file was changed to reflect that on Jun 8. Anyone who built Perl between those two commits has a problem. The two files should have been changed together. For now I think a PKGREVISION bump will fix it. It will force the hundreds of packages dependent on Perl to be rebuilt during a normal pkg-rolling_replace or similar operation.

Note that it can also be dealt with by doing "pkg_delete -r perl" but the bump will do it in a nicer way. Either way there will be a lot of re-compiling but that would have happened anyway.

I am not in a position to do the commit at the moment so if someone can do that it would be great.


D'Arcy J.M. Cain

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