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Re: firefox on NetBSD 8.0 BETA


On 07/06/2017 10:56, Mayuresh wrote:
I have just re-joined pkgsrc mailing list after 1.5 yrs gap. Apologies if
this has been discussed. Could not find a thread answering this in a quick

Welcome back :)

When building firefox or firefox52 using pkgsrc-current on NetBSD 8.0 BETA
i386 I get the following error:

Exception: Failed to create virtualenv:

Is there any help or workaround available to build firefox? It's critical
for my system.

I have observed some failures on my systems recently when building Firefox > 49, but apparently due to hardening measures (PIE I think).

As a workaround you can try www/firefox45, which has security patches applied (LTS) and has most features the latest Firefox has AFAIK.


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