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Re: pbulk on pkgsrc_2017Q1 consistently failing to install build dependencies before aborting

On 05/03, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> Sorry, that one is a bit old now, and I should probably just remove it
> rather than let people find it.  Our current doc for setting up
> chrooted bulk builds on Linux/SmartOS/OSX is here:
> I used this method to set up the daily Linux builds posted to 
> so I know it at least works on CentOS and Ubuntu, though I'd be
> interested to hear whether there are any issues on Fedora.

Hello, Jonathan!

Thank you for those docs!

It would be great if the "/data" prefix was not hard-coded.  Ideally,
it would be easy to configure, but if that's too much of a pain, then
if it could at least be hard-coded to something like "/var/pkgbuild" or
whatever, that would be much better.  In my organization, "/data" is
already being used, and "data" has a specific meaning that has nothing
to do with pkgsrc.

It would also be great if pkgbuild supported builds on NetBSD!



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