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Re: Directory for p5-Convert-Bencode ?

Simon Burge <> writes:

> I have a perl script that needs a Convert::Bencode perl module.
> Convert::Bencode is: Functions for converting to/from bencoded strings
> Looking in the current tree, it could go in converters/ or testproc/ -
> how would I choose?  By the description, I'm leaning towards textproc/ .

First, we have to realize that the categories are more or less arbitrary
and a historical relic of decisions made 20 years ago.  To first order,
if a package is on the fence between categories, it doesn't really
matter.  The big question is what best serves users browsing for
packages that might do what they want when they don't know the name.

It seems, from a 30s look at the names in both directories, that things
that are lower-level format/etc. conversion are in converters, and
things that do more complicated processing are in textproc.

In particular, in converters I see 4 packages related to base64
conversion, and I see 0 such packages in textproc.

So I think it belongs in converters.

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