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Re: Cmake cannot see dependencies within a Pkgsrc recipe

A few random comments:

  seafile-ccnet should probably be just named ccnet.  While it seems to
  be part of the seafile project, upstream calls it ccnet.

  In general, pkgsrc tries to package releases.  So if you can use tags
  and the git-package infrastructure, that's better than bare sha1s.
  I realize upstream may need to be prodded.

  Set PKG_DEVELOPER=yes.  Then you will notice that seafile-rpc and
  seafile-daemon need some REPLACE_INTERPRETER to avoid /usr/bin/env and
  instead have the real path.


  seafile-client has both DEPENDS and bl3 on sqlite3.   This strikes me
  as incorrect, even though one might argue that DEPENDS for the
  executable and bl3 for the library is sensible.

  To debug this, you can set PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=1 and capture the 'make
  package' output and see what test is failing in the cmake configure

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