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Re: SSL configured wrong for DragonFly. How can it be fixed?

On 11/25/2016 01:56, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2016-11-25 at 00:03 GMT, John Marino wrote:

pkgsrc assumes OpenSSL base at /usr:
security/openssl/ /usr

This assumption is wrong for DragonFly which has a private OpenSSL library
only for base use.  pkgsrc is supposed to build and use its own OpenSSL.

The BUILDLINK_PREFIX.openssl is hardcoded. What's the proper fix for pkgsrc?
(Yes, I know I can patch it in pkgsrc-synth).

pkgsrc will only enable a builtin if it finds the necessary libraries
and headers in the base system.

Unfortunately this statement isn't true at all.
1. It only checks for headers, not libraries
2. It arrives at the wrong value at all these examples (termcap, curses, readline, openssl). It seems not to consider the possibility that no base library exists at all.

This is performed using the
BUILTIN_FIND_* variables defined in security/openssl/  If
those tests aren't satisfied and IS_BUILTIN.openssl=no then pkgsrc
will not use the builtin, even if you ask it to.

yet that it does. The point of the original post is that those tests are insufficient, which may have been unknown to everyone but me and wiz.

Thus if you don't want users to use your private OpenSSL then the best
solution is to modify your installation in a way that software cannot
find it.  The way SmartOS does this is described here:

You misunderstand.
It's hidden well.  pkgsrc didn't find it.  It's using it anyway.

Until that is implemented though you can provide hints to pkgsrc for
it to prefer pkgsrc or native implementations of builtin-aware
software by setting e.g.

  _OPSYS_PREFER.openssl?= pkgsrc

in mk/platform/  See mk/platform/ for some

Two comments:
1) "PREFER" implies a choice. There's no choice here; DF users must use the pkgsrc-based version. Any user-based directive that differs is simply unsupported. 2) I don't see a practical difference in setting this (misleading) variable and just skipping the faulty tests altogether.

Actually I think I set both the BUILTIN (no) and preference for ncurses and readline in just to make sure the right thing happens. Wiz wasn't a fan of that due to its overriding user directives but that's exactly what I wanted to do.

These variables take precedence over a user's PREFER_PKGSRC=yes or
PREFER_NATIVE=yes setting, but they do not take precedence over
PREFER.openssl or if "openssl" is specifically listed in PREFER_*, so
it is still possible that users could configure their pkgsrc to use
your base OpenSSL.

Except that it's not technically possible without modifying the pkgsrc makefiles themselves. Those libraries are not on any standard path.


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