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Re: SSL configured wrong for DragonFly. How can it be fixed?

Le 25/11/2016 à 01:40, John Marino a écrit :
On 11/24/2016 18:02, John Marino wrote:
pkgsrc assumes OpenSSL base at /usr:
security/openssl/ /usr

This assumption is wrong for DragonFly which has a private OpenSSL
library only for base use.  pkgsrc is supposed to build and use its own

The BUILDLINK_PREFIX.openssl is hardcoded. What's the proper fix for
pkgsrc?  (Yes, I know I can patch it in pkgsrc-synth).

This was about lang/python27.
The builtin openssl detection failed.

When I set USE_BUILTIN.openssl=NO in mk/platform/ to
override the faulty detection, it works.

I had to do the same thing for several others, e.g.
USE_BUILTIN.termcap=    NO
USE_BUILTIN.curses=     NO
USE_BUILTIN.ncurses=    NO
USE_BUILTIN.readline=   NO
USE_BUILTIN.openssl=    NO

even though this is supposedly the wrong solution, but it's seemingly
the only choice.


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Have you tried setting
 _OPSYS_PREFER.openssl?=         pkgsrc
in pkgsrc/mk/platform/

Richard PALO

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