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Re: ANN: Availability of pkg(8)-capable pkgsrc

On 11/12/2016 20:28, Alistair Crooks wrote:
If the answer is xml, it must be a pretty stupid question.

Everything has a place. If your opinion is that XML has no place anywhere ever (and I don't see who you can interpret your blanket statement any other way) then I really don't need to hear any more.

I have no idea why the people who wrote it
couldn't have followed the pkgsrc lead.

A) That implies that the pkgsrc approach is superior. They don't think it is and I don't think it is either. (and I'd love to meet the user that disagrees)

B) It also shows you don't know how and where these are applied nor the general division of tasks between pkg(8) and the make framework. By itself lack of knowledge is fine, but why make technical statements in that case?

 It's a pretty dumb beast, especially in the
matching of patterns.

C) ... as evidenced in the lack of a validator

If pkg can't handle the way things are done in pkgsrc, then it'll need
a front-end to be written

Er, no. At least, not by me. I already provided a solution that's doesn't negatively affect anyone. The problem has been solved. Somebody can fork pkg(8) if they really want to downgrade it and make it ingest that freeform input.

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