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Announcing Repology - compare package versions across multiple repositories

Hello, fellow packagers/porters/maintainers!

Just wanted to announce the project I've been working on.

Repology analyzes multiple package/ports repositores (currently
supports FreeBSD ports, Debian packages, Gentoo portage, pkgsrc,
OpenBSD ports and Arch Linux packages) and compares package versions
across them. The project is supposed to be useful for package
maintainers (as another way to discover new software releases and
to improve communication between different packaging systems),
software authors (ability to track the state of their product
packaging) and users.

The project is usable as both command line tool for generating
custom reports and a prototype static website generator which runs
on [1], where you can browse all known packages by maintainer and
by repository.

Support for more repositories and features is planned. Source is
available on GitHub [2].

Feedback welcome!


Dmitry Marakasov   .   55B5 0596 FF1E 8D84 5F56  9510 D35A 80DD F9D2 F77D  ..:  jabber:

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