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Re: Updated Linux package repo for Debian or derivatives using eglibc

Just to let you know that the AMD64 packages indeed appear usable on the Windows 10 "thingy" (a.k.a. "Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta)" or better as "Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux" in powershell parlance - e.g. to install under elevated powershell run something like 
Get-WindowsOptionalFeature  -Online | ? {$_.FeatureName -like '*Linux'} | Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -online

I was going to bootstrap one of these days pkgsrc under it, now I probably won't bother. 

The PKG_PATH is a little different from the one in the mail message, though - 

export PKG_PATH= ,

as well as the location of the bootstrap archive - 

 wget  --no-check-certificate


On Mon, 19 Sep 2016 at 06:38 Sevan Janiyan <> wrote:
I've published the packages from the latest bulk builds on Debian 8.6*
running on ARMv7l & AMD64.

You should be use these packages on ARM based systems such as the
BeagleBoneBlack, Pi 2 & 3, Google Nexus 2012 or newer tablets and mostly
like many other systems with a similar CPU.

The AMD64 build should be usable on Windows 10 using their Linux
compatibility layer thingy which I can't recall the name of as I type
this email as well as the many debian derivatives such as a Ubunu.

Packages are available at

The previous announcements cover the getting started instructions if



Sevan Janiyan

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