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Re: removing teTeX packages after 2016Q3

On Mon, 19 Sep 2016 23:18:28 +0200, Thomas Klausner <>

> teTeX is dead for over 10 years now (May 2006). Upstream suggests
> using texlive instead.

The teTeX DESCR has basically said this for some time.  In the meantime
most of the guts were replaced with their texlive counterparts anyway.

> The pkgsrc texlive packages are getting better every branch. I'll
> remove the remaining teTeX packages after the 2016Q3 branch.

As such, I've viewed "print/teTeX" as an effective meta-package that
continued to install a fairly complete (possibly overkill?) TeX system
from mostly texlive components.

Last I looked, I didn't see any equivalent meta-package for "texlive".
Will there be one?  Otherwise, "texlive" seems to be completely "a la
carte" and I haven't tried wading through it to figure out the pieces
necessary for me. 

Suggestions so I know what to expect post-pkgsrc-2016Q3?


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