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Re: proposal: remove pkg_tarup from make replace

On Saturday, September 17, 2016, Greg Troxel <> wrote:

Alistair Crooks <> writes:

It seems that many are in favor of dropping pkg_tarup, and only you have
voiced an objection.

Not an objection, it's a condition - if you want to do this, we need to be sure that binary packages exist. 

> That's fine by me - I think I was one of the dissenters previously - as
> long as binary packages are being kept by default
> i.e. PKGSRC_KEEP_BIN_PKGS=   yes
> The definition has been there since 2014Q4, but is unset by default right
> now.

I would be happy to have that default changed (and my standard mk.conf
sets it), but I think it's a separate issue.

Separate, but one depends on the other.

(Using standard paths without loss of generality.)

As I understand it, PKGSRC_KEEP_BIN_PKGS=yes causes packages that are
implicitly built as part of installation to be kept in
/usr/pkgsrc/packages/All.  Those packages thus survive "make install

make replace's invocation of pkg_tarup creates a package in work, even
if one is still in packages/ALl from the previous build.  It is then
deleted right away if one does "make replace clean".

As I see it, the problem is not surrounding how pkg_tarup is required as
a dependency, but that creating the package only to delete it is

When replace had to remove the package and then install, I think this
made a lot of sense.  But now the new package is fully built, and
installed with pkg_add -u.  I have not had that fail and leave me
without either the old or new package since the switch to destdir (and I
mostly update by pkg_rr).

So, I think someone who wants to have binary packges around has to
either type 'make package-install' or set PKGSRC_KEEP_BIN_PKGS=yes, and
the current replace behavior doesn't actually help them with that goal.

This is a long way of saying that I will remove the pkg_tarup call from
the replace target absent specific objections.

And I support you or anyone else changing the default for
PKGSRC_KEEP_BIN_PKGS to yes.  Arguably that should just be popular
vote, as either way the people who don't have it set the way they want
need a single mk.conf line, and I see no obviously correct answer for
all situations and concerns.

To forestall any further email chains: 

I've changed the default behavior of PKGSRC_KEEP_BIN_PKGS to "yes" - we've
previously agreed on it, and I've now changed the default behaviou?r.



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