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Re: Chromium B.S.U. released!

* Paul Wise ( wrote:

> I have released Chromium B.S.U.
> Chromium B.S.U.
>  - Allow translations of Linux menu file
>  - Compile fixes
> Those of you who are distribution packagers, please update your package
> to the latest version. Please rename the package from chromium to
> chromium-bsu if you haven't already. Please forward any bugs to the
> upstream bug tracker and also let me know about any patches or hacks
> you needed to add to your package.

Thank you, FreeBSD port updated!

Dmitry Marakasov   .   55B5 0596 FF1E 8D84 5F56  9510 D35A 80DD F9D2 F77D  ..:  jabber:

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